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The Huge Trumpet Slide




Product Description

Visitors will sit inside the four-leaf raft, and begin to glide from the starting point of the 14.7-meter platform. They flew into the huge trumpet slide , like being sucked by a tornado, experienced the glide in the wind during a quick glide. Suitable for visitors who like to experience exciting novelties, the maximum number of passengers  is 720 per hour.It  is a must option for large-scale water parks.

  Product  Features

1.The main body of the slide is made of high-performance glass-fiber composite materials. It is hand-processed and has a very strong toughness and hardness. It is safe and durable.

2.The surface layer of the slide is made of isophthalic gel coat with high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and shiny,smooth,anti-ultraviolet and anti-fade.

3.It will give customer an unique  experience, so that you can’t help  playing again and again.

4.It will minimize the waiting time for tourists, and attract the popularity greatly.

5.It has strong visual impact and appeal, so constantly,it  attracts tourists to come and play again and again

6.We can provide  a variety of colors for options and combinations

Product Parameters

Platform height: 14.7m 

Side area width: 2.6m~18.5m

Land area: 36m*57m

Water supply flow: 1100m3/h

Spiral length: 29m

Visitor capacity: 720 people/h

The Huge Trumpet Slide
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